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Sandra Sanchez - Best pregnancy photography, pregnancy photographer in chicago, pregnancy photographer, newborn photography



Unlabeled Photography LLC

Photography by Sandra 


Sandra's Work


As an artist, I have always loved finding and creating beauty in everything I do. My work as a professional photographer is born from expertise not only in photography, but also from my experience as a fashion designer, retouching artist and makeup artist.


As a photographer, I love capturing beauty everywhere I go, from the untouched wilds of nature, to the rich architecture of palaces in Spain and Belgium, to the excited faces of a couple on their wedding day. However, after becoming a mother, I found that the most perfect beauty can be found in the smallest faces. Becoming a newborn photographer was a natural evolution in my career, as it is about more than taking beautiful photos; it is about capturing the range of emotions that tiny bundle represents.


A baby’s newborn stage is fleeting, and I strive not to just create beautiful images, but to also preserve those first moments of love, celebration and sheer joy a parent remembers forever.


Life and background


I have always been a traveler, living in Europe, South America, and the United States. I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish, and enjoy soaking up new cultures and experiences whenever I can.


I am always studying paintings and love to try new types of artwork. I love living in Chicago; it is a vibrant city full of diversity, art and dynamic architecture. When I’m not in my studio, you will likely find me with my son. We love walking our dog, strolling through parks, visiting the zoo, and trying out the city’s many restaurants.

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